With the accreditation in  1999, we became formally recognized for the capacity to develop training activities.

Since 2013 we have been a Training Entity Certified by DGERT (Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho), for the following areas of education and training:

  • 347 – Framework in the organization/company;
  • 851 – Environmental protection technology;
  • 862 – Occupational safety and health.

The main objective of the training programs developed by AMBERGO is to contribute to the qualification and/or renewal of the trainees knowledge.

These programs essentially include Scientific-Technological Sessions and Practical Training Sessions..

Given the wide range of equipment/instrumentation used in the field of occupational safety activities, we organize practical training sessions and demonstration sessions that allow sharing of the maximum amount of information and knowledge to safety technicians or other operators.

Among the general and specific objectives addressed in these actions, we highlight, among others, the need to know the equipments correctly, their functionality, the norms to which they must obey, as well as the rules of metrology or calibration to whish they are subject and whish standards and/or legislation in force for certan monitoring.

We offer training modules with the following themes: